Who is fat tony?

About Me

I love to eat.  Ever since I was a kid, food has always been what I am most passionate about.  Growing up in very Greek and Italian household there was never a day where food was not a focal point and most of the day wasn't spent in the kitchen.  I remember for my 12th birthday I asked my parents to get me Food Network.... back when you had to pay for extra channels.  Since then I have been documenting my culinary travels.  

Often I find myself trying to find honest restaurant reviews that aren't sponsored by the restaurant, or coming from some bozo on Yelp who gives a restaurant 1 star because it was too expensive, failing to look at the menu beforehand.  

Living in the two most exciting cities in the country (NYC and LA) I have been lucky enough to try countless cuisines and restaurants.  Forget Zagat and Jonathan Gold- Fat Tony Says is a site dedicated to giving you unbiased, unpretentious and quick restaurant reviews.  Two chubby thumbs up is the highest honor I can bestow upon a restaurant. 

Stay Fat my friends

rating system

2 Chubby Thumbs Down

This is the worst review I can give a restaurant.  If you see two chubby thumbs down don't waste your money here.

1/2 Chubby Thumbs Up

Not totally useless.  1/2 a chubby thumbs up is worth it in dire situations like extreme hanger.

3/4 Chubby Thumbs Up

Not a bad restaurant, nothing to write home about either.  Food at 3/4 chubby thumbs up restaurants are sometimes pretty decent, and is worth a trip.

1 Chubby Thumbs Up

Middle of the road.  Whether its food, service, or decor- something kept this restaurant at 1 chubby thumbs up, but definitely worth going to.

1.25 Chubby Thumbs Up

Above average in most categories, 1.25 chubby thumbs up is a must go restaurant.

1.5 Chubby Thumbs Up

1.5 chubby thumbs up and above are restaurants that you have to eat at before you die.  

1.75 Chubby Thumbs Up

Nearly perfect in my eyes, restaurants rated here or higher should be your next meal.

2 Chubby Thumbs Up

The epitome of Fat Tony's love.  Two chubby thumbs up are reserved for restaurants that you need to drop what you're doing and go immediately if not sooner.  If you were on death row and had to pick a last meal, make it from one of these restaurants.  

NOTE:  My high ratings are not reserved only for fine dining  establishments only.  There are too many websites that give mediocre restaurants an 8/10, and how is every restaurant on Yelp a 3.5 or above?  Fat Tony is here to provide those real life reviews.