west hollywood

The Bazaar


 The most famous modernist chef in the world is the culinary genius behind one of the most inventive restaurants in Los Angeles.  Every bite from the hollowed out Philly Cheese (Wagyu beef) to the spicy tuna cones- this is an experience.  2 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat:  "Philly Cheesesteaks"

Highs:  Everything you put in your mouth 

Lows:  None 

Connie & Ted's


 However misleading their 'est. 1940' tagline is- this newcomer to West Hollywood is a fantastic choice for some fresh seafood.  Lobster rolls, fries, fish and chips- all delicious.  1 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat: All the raw bar, lobster roll fantastic

Highs:  $29 lobster roll, but plenty of meat in this bad boy- great beer selection

Lows:  $29 lobster roll 

E.P & L.P


 Want to impress New York visitors that say there is no cool LA rooftop bar scene or good Asian cuisine?  E.P&L.P has one of the best rooftop bars in LA as well as some damn good Asian food.  1 1/2 f chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat:  Curry cauliflower

Highs:  Rooftop Bar with awesome views and some killer food

Lows:  Can get overrun with LA "actors" 

Jon & Vinny's


 Bruschetta from Gjusta bread, handmade pastas and an extensive pizza menu make this one of the go to places in LA for some casual Italian.  Tough to get in, but once you sit you won't want to stop eating.  1 1/2 chubby thumbs up. 

Must Eat: Spicy fusilli

Highs:  Pizza options, natural wood decor, and plenty of burrata to go around

Lows:   Wait time, reservation troubles  

Little Door


 One of Fat Tony's top brunch spots- The Little Door is adorable with a great menu.  From steak and eggs to tuna tartar everything here is worth a try.  1 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat: Steak and eggs breakfast

Highs:  Great ambiance and food to back it up

Lows:  Busy on the weekends  



 Need to take that tinder date to the next level?  Lucques is the place to go.  Romantic patio in the back, great cocktails and great, James Beard award winning food.  1 3/4 chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat:  Pork chop

Highs:  Romantic patio and amazing pork chop

Lows:  None 



I  had high hopes for Pistola, a cool trendy Italian spot but frankly they do not know the first thing about making pasta.  2 chubby thumbs down

Highs: Good Drinks

Lows:  Everything I ate

*Since posting this Pistola has closed... good 



 What do you get when one of the most famous chefs from Mexico is behind a crazy hyped restaurant in WeHo?  Pretty good high end Mexican food.  Knock down the prices a bit and you have a home run.  BUT FT is a sucker for outdoor dining.  1/2  a chubby thumbs up

Must Eat: Ceviche of the day

Highs:  Beautiful outdoor patio and good cocktail menu 

Lows:   They seem to still be getting their footing