Best Italian food on the westside of LA, which isn't hard to do with a Michelin winning chef. Don't even look at the menu, the fantastic wait staff gives fantastic recommendations and it is worth it to trust in them. 1 3/4 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat: Special pasta, doesn't matter what it is just GET IT    

  Highs: Handmade pasta in a romantic dining room

Lows: Can have a long wait, and can be a bit on the dimly lit side

The Butcher's Daughter


  This 100% vegetarian restaurant is known for their veggie slaughtering. From the avocado toast to their fresh juices- if you are in need of a good Sunday morning cleansing breakfast make way. 1 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat: Avocado toast 

Highs: Beautiful restaurant, and you don't leave feeling too fat 

Lows: They don't do bacon  



Best new restaurant period.  I mean, they have a temperature controlled room where they make their pasta in house.  Besides the charming dining room, the food is outstanding.  2 chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat: Burrata Salad, any pasta

Highs:  Handmade pastas in a great setting

Lows:  It's tough to get in, but it's worth the wait



  LA, the land of breakfast burritos and this is the best of the bunch. For me to say a veggie burrito is as good as one with sausage is saying something. Everything at this casual Venice breakfast spot is worth eating. 2 chubby thumbs up 



  One of the best restaurants on Abbot Kinney but they do not alter anything on the menu- FT advice is to take a peek before you head there. Brunch is also great, one of the better pancakes in LA.  1 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat: Buckwheat pancake 

Highs: Patio seating in the back is perfect for a nice breakfast or dinner 

Lows: No changes to any dish, even asking to get the eggs well done is frowned upon

GTA (Gjelina Take Away)


 Don't feel like waiting an hour to eat brunch next door at Gjelina, then GTA is the next best choice. Solid egg sandwiches, pizzas and avocado toast make this a great quick stop. 1 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat: Avocado toast 

Highs: Location location location! 

Lows: For being a 'quick take away' shop they sure take their sweet ass time 



 Fresh trendy restaurant right off the beach in Venice- Leona has a solid brunch and an interesting menu overall. 1/2 a chubby thumb up. 

Must Eat: Omlette 

Highs: Decor and overall ambiance 

Lows: Kimchi latkas

Mendocino Farms


Ok technically there are a few Mendocino Farms around, and yes none of them are actually in Venice- but this Marina Del Rey is close enough.  Solid pick for some pre beach sandwiches and chips.  Plus they have free sparkling water. 1 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Seasonal sandwiches- or CMBT and a bag of Mama Zuma's Revenge (spicy)

Highs: Pretty decent California deli with fresh ingredients 

Lows:  Bay Cities is only like 3 miles away...

NoMad Food Truck


 NYC NoMad in a truck?! Bacon wrapped truffle hot dogs?! 100% go find this truck and eat up. Chicken burgers are amazing, hot dogs are great and they sometimes have some guest chefs creating some burgers. 1 1/2 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat: Truffle dog, truffle chicken burger 

Highs: Quick food truck service with excellent food 

Lows: Often in DTLA and it can be a pain in the ass to get to

Rose Cafe


 Where to eat brunch in Venice? The Rose is the place to be. On a sunny SoCal Sunday you should find yourself eating some great eggs and salads outside at The Rose 3/4 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat: Crispy brussles sprouts with eggs 

Highs: Great brunch, outdoor seating 

Lows: Service can be lacking 



Another amazing Venice brunch spot- Superba Food & Bread is more than just egg sandwiches. Fantastic baked goods and a surprisingly, albeit small, wine list.   1 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat: Eggs in purgatory 

Highs: Great ambiance and baked goods 

Lows: Service and parking