NYC Restaurants Here

New York City (photos below)

  • 15 East
  • ABC Cocina
  • Adrienne's Pizza
  • All'onda
  • Bar Primi
  • Baz Bagels
  • Bond St Sushi
  • Bowery Meat Company
  • Buvette
  • Carbone
  • Charlie Bird
  • Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare
  • Claudette
  • Clocktower
  • Cosme
  • DBGB
  • Decoy
  • Dirty French
  • Frankie's 570
  • Gotham Bar and Grill
  • Jane
  • Katz's Deli
  • Kotobuki
  • Kyo Ya
  • L'Apicio
  • Le Turtle
  • Limani
  • Little Owl
  • Mas (farmhouse)
  • Mercer Kitchen
  • Mimi Cheng's Dumplings
  • Mission Cantina
  • The Modern
  • Momofuku Ko
  • Motorino to Go
  • Neapolitian Express
  • Osteria Morini
  • Polo Bar
  • Porchetta
  • Prince St Pizza
  • Pylos
  • RedFarm
  • River Cafe
  • Santina
  • Saxon and Parole
  • Tamarind
  • Umberto's of New Hyde Park
  • Vaucluse

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NYC Restaurants

Saxon + Parole


At one point S+P had been voted for having the best martini in all of NYC- besides the fantastically crafted drinks the food is very good.  One chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Any pork chop they have    

Highs:  Dirty Martini aka 7 olives martini

Lows:  Even for a drink this place goes 6 deep at the bar

Frankies 570


With two locations in NY, Frankie's is a fantastic choice for some great pastas and crostinis.  What is better than walking around the West Village and eating pasta?  One and a half chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Sage butter cavatelli 

Highs: Great handmade pastas and wine list

Lows:  Can get crowded and dark when busy



The closest thing to a small Parisian bistro you can find stateside.  Small outdoor space in the back is perfect for your Sunday croque madame.  One chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Croque Madame

Highs:  Small outdoor patio and breakfast

Lows:  Zero, and I mean zero elbow room

Osteria Morini


Michael White rules the NYC Italian food world, and this casual, no tablecloths restaurant does not disappoint.  Try and make it during the  winter to have some of the best green lasagna you'll ever eat.  Two chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Green Lasagna or bolognese

Highs:  Great handmade pasta, seasonal menu

Lows:   Noisy dining room and long waits

Mimi Cheng's Dumplings


This unassuming East Village dumpling house churns out authentic dumplings every day.  From the pork dumplings to veggie and any special dumplings they have weekly- Mimi Cheng's is a great addition to the East Village.

Must Eat:  Pork dumplings with Mimi Cheng's secret sauce

Highs:  Dumplings!  Quick service

Lows:  If it is crowded be ready to eat those dumplings standing on 2nd Ave.  One chubby thumbs up.

The River Cafe


A longtime Brooklyn staple, River Cafe has made its way back from Sandy's destruction.  One of the last restaurants with a jacket requirement in the dining room for men, this fine dining establishment is great for a splurging celebration.

Must Eat:  Poached lobster and BK Bridge chocolate cake

Highs:  High end food from classically trained chefs under the BK bridge.  One and a half chubby thumbs up.

Lows:  Drop the jacket requirement, this place can be a bit on the pretentious side.

Bowery Meat Company


Trying to bring a high end steakhouse to the East Village, BMC succeeds for the most part.  A celeb/athlete hotspot, wait for a great Knicks game and hope to see some players eating here postgame.  Good steaks but better steakhouses are all around the city.  Half a chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Steak au poivre

Highs:  Great people watching and stiff martinis

Lows:   Service slow

Bar Primi


What's better than casual Italian food?  Surprisingly good pasta at a great price, Bar Primi also offers a solid brunch on the weekends.  Great for groups.  One chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  4 cloves garlic linguine

Highs:  Casual setting with decently priced tasty dishes

Lows:   Awkward booths all over the place

Baz Bagels


It's hard to review a bagel place in the bagel capital of the world.  Baz does a nice job with their bagels though in a classic NY decorated setting.  Half a chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Everything bagel

Highs:  Bagels and lox and their tea comes in an elephant teapot

Lows:   Eh do you need a sit down bagel spot?  



Back in business after a brief shut down- Porchetta is still pushing out high end, these pork sandwiches can be found at Porsena.  Quick and tasty.

Half a chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Porchetta Sandwich

Highs: Cheap pork sandwiches that hit the spot

Lows:  Not always availble

Bond St Sushi


Oh the beautiful people.  Bond St Sushi is one of my favorite places in all of NY for some sushi.  Not only is the sushi fresh and perfectly crafted, it is great for people watching downstairs at the bar.  Two chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Tuna pizza and sesame shrimp roll

Highs:  The food is fantastic and the people watching is great

Lows:   Its high end sushi in NYC so  expect to shell out some cash.

Mission Cantina


This short lived Mexican restaurant from the brains behind Mission Chinese food was prettty solid.  Not worth reviewing anymore.  Just go to Mission Chinese.

Motorino to Go


Does delivery pizza get any better than Motorino's?  The answer is no.  Two chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Regular pizza with crumbled sausage

Highs:  Some of the best pizza in NY and they deliver

Lows:  Nope, not here.



From the outside, Pylos is rather unassuming.  With the clay pot ceiling, authentic Greek food comes out plate after plate.  One and a half chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat: Meatballs, fried zucchini and saganaki.  

Highs:  Great Greek food not in a Milos type setting and a weekend brunch

Lows:  Small restaurant, tough to get in without a reservation 




Momofuku Ko


What does one say about David Chang's most famous restaurant?  This James Beard winning chef has created a NYC Momofuku empire, and Ko is the crown jewel.  Counter only tasting menu- Momofuku Ko is one of the few MUST try restaurants around.  Two chubby thumbs up

Must Eat: Everything

Highs:  All things considered, it is a decently priced tasting menu.  Some of the most creative food you will ever eat

Lows:  Good luck getting a reservation.  

TIP:   If you live nearby go on their neighbors and friends email blast for last minute cancelations






Jane is good for standard american fare when you don't want to go to The Smith.  Great steak salads and off menu donuts for dessert.  3/4 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Steak salad

Highs:  Donuts.  Perfect for weekend eating.

Lows:   Brunch gets crowded fast so make it there early. 

Mercer Kitchen


Under the Jean-Georges brand, Mercer Kitchen's underground restaurant is a great stop during your SoHo shopping.  Solid drinks and tuna spring rolls- and surprisingly good salmon burgers.  1.25 chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Tuna spring rolls

Highs:  People watching, great location and pretty decent food

Lows:  Dark dining room, and because its a JGV brand it still has that air of elitism.  



Probably the best Indian food in NYC.  Tamarind Tribeca has a fantastically large menu filled with authentic Indian dishes, and exceptionally trained waiters.  But is any chicken tikka masala worth $30?  Get the naan and be on your way.  One chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat: Naan

Highs:  Great wait staff, awesome indian food

Lows:  Tribeca priced Indian street food. 

15 East


High end sushi and a great omakase menu.  Do not order a la carte here, just let the chefs do their thing.  3/4 chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Omakase Menu (ask for uni)

Highs:  Omakase menu, quiet dining room

Lows:   Expect to pay for the quality of the fish, but at this price point there are other options.

Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare


Fish heavy, 20 course, 3 Michelin Starred restaurants don't come around too often.  Besides the absurd price point and difficulty getting into this restaurant, it is a dining experience unlike any other.  1.5 Chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Everything

Highs:  20 courses, creative chefs, and the most expensive wine list I have ever seen

Lows:  Prepaid dinner, so if you get in you better make sure you can go.

Dirty French


Major food group- the same group behind Carbone, Torrisi, Parm, Santina and others went out of their comfort zone with this hip French style restaurant.  Classic French dishes brought into the 2000's.  One chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Duck l'Orange

Highs:  Great decor, solid cocktails

Lows:  Dark dining room prevents you from admiring the presentation. 

Katz's Deli


I'll have what everyone is having.  Katz's Deli has been around the 1880's for a reason.  Mile high pastrami sandwiches carved by hand and some of the best hot dogs in the city.  

Must Eat:  Pastrami sandwich under the 'Harry & Sally' sign

Highs:  Open late, everything here is unreal

Lows:  If you lose the ticket they give you when walking in, expect to pay them $50

The Little Owl


It's hard for a New Yorker like myself to say anything good has come out of Philly, but Joey Campanaro is a godsend to NYC.  Little owl is one of the top restaurants in the West Village.  Their lunchtime only burger is one of the best you'll ever have.  Two chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Lunch only burger

Highs:  Food is incredible, setting is romantic 

Lows:  Tight tables, plenty of tourists outside looking at the Friend's apartment building.



Voted top Chinese in the city, RedFarm does not disappoint.  Get ready to eat at a large communal table and struggle to get in without a wait.  Two chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Pastrami Egg rolls

Highs:  One of the few Chinese restaurants you don't leave feeling gross

Lows:  Wait time can be long.

ABC Cocina


The more casual sister of ABC Kitchen, behind the Jean-Georges name, is great for healthy and fresh options.  $$$ for some guacamole, but every dollar is worth it.  1.5 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Fresh guacamole, shaved brussles sprouts salad

Highs:  Great airy dining room and decor.  

Lows:  Can be expensive for what it is, but that doesn't mean it's not worth paying for. 



Located in the old Gold Coast of NYC- surrounded by beautiful buildings blocks from Washington Sq Park, Claudette is a fantastic French bistro that IMO is better than Balthazar, Cherche Midi and any other Keith McNally French restaurant there is.  1 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Eggs benedict  

Highs:  Beautiful dining room, fantastic brunch and dinner service.

Lows:  During peak dining times this place can be extremely loud

Adrienne's Pizza


If you make your way down to FiDi and want to stop for some pizza- hit Adrienne's.  This place is not by the slice though so bring your appetite.  Great Sicilian pies.  3/4 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Sicilian pie with pepperoni

Highs:  Thick doughy square slices perfectly crispy

Lows:  Only by the pie, and who goes to FiDi anyway?



The newest addition to the Major empire, Santina takes you outside NYC.  Amazing dining room and fantastic cocktails make up for the food here.  3/4-1 chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Italian chicpea pancakes

Highs:  Awesome glass enclosed dining room and creative cocktails

Lows:   You can order the whole menu and have a handful of duds.



Want upscale Mexican food and hate Dos Caminos like any sane human being?  Cosme has a great menu filled with plenty of veggies and fish- 1 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Yellowtail with jalapeno

Highs:  Minimalist dining room, great decor IG worthy food

Lows:  Mexican restaurants should have a better energy than this 

Charlie Bird


I'm a sucker for restaurants that play old school hip hop and don't take themselves too seriously.  Charlie bird has a great Italian inspired American fare menu with some shockingly good pastas and a great vibe.  Perfect for some summertime dinners.  1.25 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Pork Shin Tagliatelle

Highs:  Music, decor, vibe and some good pastas

Lows:   The bar is nothing to write home about

Mas (farmhouse)


One of the more famous tasting menu's in all of NYC.  Mas unfortunately suffered a kitchen fire and has been closed for some time now while they do repairs.  Fantastic food in on a charming West Village block is the reason it has stuck around.  1.5 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Tasting menu

Highs:  Romantic dining room with superb service and a great tasting menu

Lows:  I can't eat there until they reopen!

Kyo Ya


Wild menu at a very chic below grade eatery.  This Michelin starred sushi joint is known for having some very interesting and adventurous dishes.  1.25 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Raw baby shrimp

Highs:  Clean feeling dining room, friendly service and fresh fish

Lows:  As with any Michelin star restaurant, expect the bill to follow suit.  Do not go here if you are in the mood for a crispy tuna roll

Umberto's Long Island


Okay I know this isn't in NYC, but it would be a disservice to not mention Umberto's of New Hyde Park and their grandma slice.  On a hot summer day when the city's gross humiditygets to you, pop on a train to NHP and grab one of the best slices around.  1.5 chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Grandma slice, pazzo pizza

Highs:  Casual pizzeria with great dishes as well

Lows:  It's not in the city, worth going to if you are on the island



Carbone takes you back in time when there were captains, not waiters.  Each person donning a burgundy tuxedo is beyond friendly and knowledgeable about their menu, the food is also incredible.  Must Eat:  Veal parm and penne vodka

Highs:  Handmade, casual dining room and freindly staff

Lows:  This is high end Italian in a more casual setting, don't let that confuse you when the bill comes

The Clocktower


Clocktower NYC is serving some high end American fare in a wonderfully loud dining room.  Not only is the food very good but Clocktower is a great spot for that post work cocktail and game of pool.  

Must eat- Dover Sole

Highs:  Great menu even for the most picky individuals

Lows:  Can get very loud, and when busy the service can falter



This old laundromat turned into Peking duck  palace owned by the same crew as RedFarm is worth the tight quarters for some of this fantastic duck.  1.25 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Peking duck

Highs:  Great duck, and you can get some RedFarm food too

Lows:  Super tight dining room 



Michael White ventures into French cuisine with this classy upscale restaurant with some classic French dishes.  Use your rent check on some white truffle pastas.  1.75 chubby thumbs up.

Must Eat:  Pasta with truffles when in season, the burger

Highs:  Large space with a fantastic wine list 

Lows:  Wait staff can be inattentive at times

Prince Street Pizza


Saucy, oily, doughy goodness.  Prince Street Pizza has the best pepperoni Sicilian slice in NYC, hands down.  Two chubby and greasy thumbs up

Must Eat: CORNER slice with pepperoni

Highs:  What can be better than a slice of pizza worth eating?  The dough sets this place apart

Lows:  They run out of corners first and you're taking this slice to go

Neapolitan Express- Wall St.


Neapolitan Express pizza, started out as a food truck, and somehow feels like it is a chain restaurant.  No love from the pizza here, but is a step up from Domino's or Blaze Pizza.  1/2 a chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Prosciutto pizza

Highs:  Personal pizzas made quick

Lows:   It feels like you are ordering Papa John's 



This LI restaurant opened up their first NYC outpost in Rockefeller Center- the decor is a bit on the cheesy side, but the food is incredible.  Authentic Greek food.

Must Eat:  Octopus and whole fish

Highs:  Great fresh fish you can pick out 

Lows:  The hanging fish and blue lit centerpiece of this restaurant should never have been given the green light

DBGB Kitchen & Bar


Daniel Boulud's casual meat heavy restaurant is great for a burger, sausage and beers.  An awesome beer list, and the ability to accommodate larger parties.

Must Eat:  The Menage a Trois (three burgers)

Highs:  Beers on beers on beers, burgers and sausages

Lows:  Small TV, not idea for a burger and a game

The Modern


Fine dining at its finest.  Overlooking the courtyard at the MoMa you can shell out big bucks while looking at art no one could afford.  Try and hit this spot during restaurant week for lunch to get a better deal.  1.75 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Dessert, they have an entire cart of cheeses

Highs:  Beautiful dining room, impeccable service and delicious food

Lows:  Pacing of the meal can be a bit slow

Le Turtle


French cuisine for millennials.  This tight and trendy restaurant is not for someone who isn't ready to try some flavors they haven't had before.  1 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Whole Sasso Chicken

Highs:  Inventive dishes all extremely flavorful

Lows:  I hate paying for bread- come on guys

Gotham Bar and Grill


One of the most respected restaurants in all of NYC- Gotham Bar and Grill is near perfect.  Perfect for a special occasion.  Every plate will have you asking for more food.  Also a great restaurant week pick.  2 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:    Beet salad and Pork Chop

Highs:  The food is incredibly crafted with perfect presentation

Lows:  Can have a quiet older crowd, and the dining room could get some decor work

The Polo Bar


Ever want to go through a bouncer to be able to even have a drink somewhere?  Polo bar exudes pretentiousness.  That being said this easy going menu will please everyone at the table.  Friendly wait staff knock back the elite vibe.  .75 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Burger

Highs:  Elevated pub food is always a good choice

Lows:  You can't get in without a reservation which is difficult to get  



Basic sushi menu in a very unassuming dining room.  Besides the basic rolls they have an extensive list of specialty rolls all worth trying.  1.25 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Crispy rice with tuna

Highs:  Casual and good quality sushi

Lows:  This is a good bang for your buck, but sushi can feel impersonal at times