Manhattan beach & malibu

Fishing With Dynamite


 Finding yourself in need of some fresh seafood in Manhattan Beach?  Amazing oysters, lobsters, shrimp... you can still taste the ocean.  1 1.4 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat:  Seafood tower

Highs: Fresh fish, great local beers

Lows:  If you enjoy elbow room while you eat this is not the place for you 



 Why is it so hard to find Greek food in Los Angeles?  Petros is worth a trip if you are headed towards Manhattan Beach- solid tzatziki, good souvlaki, awful saganaki.  1 chubby thumb up. 

Must Eat: Chicken souvlaki

Highs: Airy comfortable dining room with great Greek menu

Lows:  Parking in Manhattan Beach is the worst, avoid the saganaki 

Nobu Malibu


I n town just to spot some celebrities?  Look no further than NOBU Malibu.  The upcharge on the sushi is well worth it when you can sit next to the Pacific and stare at beautiful people trying to pretend they are someone important.  2 chubby thumbs up. 

Must Eat:  Crispy rice off menu 

High: Views, people watching and crispy rice tuna

Lows:  Everyone eating here is the worst 

Saddle Peak Lodge


 Way the hell in the mountains- this cabin-esque restaurant is serving up some really creative and inspired dishes.  Good for a quiet celebration and for those adventurous eaters.  1 chubby thumb up. 

Must Eat: Chicken breast

Highs: Secluded romantic restaurant

Lows: Dark dining room, don't have that third martini and expect to make it home on those windy mountain roads 

Taverna Tony


 Continuing my search for authentic Greek food in LA led me to Taverna Tony, perhaps the most grossly overpriced restaurant in all of LA.  In no world should you pay $20+ for a souvlaki.  2 chubby sad Greek thumbs down 

Must Eat: Meatballs

Highs:  I guess its in Malibu

Lows:  No value or authenticity here