Los Angeles Restaurant List

Santa Monica

Santa Monica

Not pictured or restaurant has closed- Santa Monica Yacht Club, Tar and Roses, Bangkok West, Tender Greens, Burger Lounge, Michaels, Stella Barra, M Street Kitchen, Blue Plate Taco, Water Grill, Barneys Beanery, Santa Monica Seafood Market and Café, Pono Burger, Ye Olde Kings Head, Inotheke La Vecchia Cucina, Milo and Olive, Sonoma Wine Garden, Jimmys Famous American Tavern, Farmshop, Brick and Mortar, TheCounter, Locando Portofino, Gilberts, Via Veneto, Hinterland, Sweetgreen, Blue Daisy Café, Mendocino Farms, Bay Cities, Bennys Tacos, NY Bagel Café, Bagel Nosh, Rosti Santa Monica, FlowerChild, Fromin’s restaurant, Holy Guacamole, Aussie Pie Kitchen   

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Urth Caffe


Could this be the most overrated restaurant in all of Los Angeles?  Over priced, over hyped and frankly not that good.  Look at how thick that prosciutto is!!  Two chubby thumbs down.

Must Eat:  Grilled chicken pesto salad

Highs: It's "healthy"

Lows: It's not good 



Worth it, don't need a full review here. Two chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Double Double with animal fries

Highs: Quick, cheap and delicious, go protein style if you are carb conscious

Lows: Long lines

Capo, Santa Monica


Is it hard to find quality Italian food on the west coast?  It can be- Capo is a meat heavy Italian spot right in Santa Monica.  Can be pricey but also worth it.  One chubby thumb up.  Perfect for special occasions

Must Eat:  Jidori chicken parm

Highs: Solid Italian on the West Side

Lows:  Can get pricey quick

Sushi Roku


Why go to Sushi Roku when Sugarfish exists?  Well, if you want a crunchy tuna roll or something more exotic.  Katana roll is a must have, but is it worth that $20 just for some tuna?  Meh, maybe one visit is enough.

Must Eat:  Katana roll

Highs:  Great happy hour deals and creative rolls

Lows:  $20+ tuna rolls



Best. Sushi. Anywhere.  Sugarfish is worth the hype, if you are in LA just for a day you should eat here twice.  Two chubby thumbs way up.

Must Eat:  Trust me menu

Highs: Amazing price, outstanding quality

Lows: No reservations, long wait time if you want to eat at a normal hour

The Curious Palate


If you find yourself at the Santa Monica Place mall and starving, don't eat here... starve instead.  Two chubby thumbs way down.

Must Eat:  Somewhere else

Highs: Zero

Lows: Everthing

Saddle Peak Lodge


Way the hell in the mountains- this cabinesque restaurant is serving up some really creative and inspired dishes.  Good for a quiet celebration and for those adventurous eaters.  One chubby thumb up.

 Must Eat: Chicken breast

Highs: Secluded romantic restaurant

Lows: Dark dining room, don't have that third martini and expect to make it home on those windy mountain roads

Petros, Manhattan Beach


Why is it so hard to find Greek food in Los Angeles?  Petros is worth a trip if you are headed towards Manhattan Beach- solid tzatziki, good souvlaki, awful saganaki.  One chubby thumb up.

 Must Eat: Chicken souvlaki

Highs: Airy comfortable dining room with great Greek menu

Lows:  Parking in Manhattan Beach is the worst

NOBU Malibu


In town just to spot some celebrities?  Look no further than NOBU Malibu.  The upcharge on the sushi is well worth it when you can sit next to the Pacific and stare at beautiful people trying to pretend they are someone important.  Two chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat:  Crispy rice off menu 

High: Views, people watching and crispy rice tuna

Lows:  Everyone eating here is the worst

Belcampo, Santa Monica


Best negroni in LA.  Locally grown everything, Belcampo is a great addition to the West LA food scene.  Two chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Chicken wings

Highs: Great portions, tasty food and awesome cocktails in a great dining room

Lows:  Stick with meat and chicken

The Misfit


Want to get that NYC trendy restaurant vibe in LA?  Look no further than The Misfit.  Great for a group or happy hour.

 Must Eat:  French dip nik niks

Highs: Basil Gimlet, nik niks, overall vibe and FREE COOKIES

Lows: Gets crowded FAST



I had high hopes for Pistola, a cool trendy Italian spot but frankly they do not know the first thing about making pasta.  Two chubby thumbs down

Highs: Good Drinks

Lows:  Everything I ate

*Since posting this Pistola has closed... good



The culinary king of Los Angeles, Wolfgang Puck has had Spago forever- for a reason.  Everything about Spago is perfect.  From the service to the food to the setting (upscale non-judgmental) it is worth the splurge.  Two chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: Off menu tuna cones

Highs: Everything.  Request to sit in the courtyard and go for those off menu tuna cones.

Lows: None

Fishing With Dynamite, Manhattan Beach


Finding yourself in need of some fresh seafood in Manhattan Beach?  Amazing oysters, lobsters, shrimp... you can still taste the ocean.  1.25chubby thumb up

 Must Eat:  Seafood tower

Highs: Fresh fish, great local beers

Lows:  If you enjoy elbow room while you eat this is not the place for you

The Little Door


One of Fat Tony's top brunch spots- The Little Door is adorable with a great menu.  From steak and eggs to tuna tartar everything here is worth a try.  1 chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: Steak and eggs breakfast

Highs:  Great ambiance and food to back it up

Lows:  Busy on the weekends 

One Pico


Have some people in town you want to impress?  Take them to One Pico.  Eating essentially ON the beach at one of the top beachside hotels in California.  .75 chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Shrimp cocktail

Highs: Location location location

Lows:  It is in a hotel so expect hotel prices

Giorgio Baldi


Longtime resident of the west side, Giorgio Baldi is a fairly expensive restaurant that in my opinion just isn't worth it.  Decent veal, average lobster, one chubby thumb up.

 Must Eat: Veal Milenese 

Highs:  LA historical value

Lows: Overcooked veal and overpriced everthing

Del Frisco's Grille


Do I really need to review a Del Frisco's?  Just the same as any other DFG, good spot for happy hour and some solid burgers and steaks.  But with so many non- nationwide options around why waste your time

 Must Eat: Lamb burger

Highs: You know you are getting quality ingredients and food

Lows:  There is zero personality 

Papa Cristo's


Oh boy this Fat Greek was happy with the only proper souvlaki in all of Los Angeles.  Besides the true greek food here, the small market reminds me of Astoria back home.  Plastic tablecloths!  Do yourself a favor and go eat a chicken souvlaki and get an Alpha.  Two chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: Chicken souvlaki sandwich

Highs:  In your face Greek food not trying to be anything it's not

Lows:  Parking lot can get filled up rather quickly



Hillstone- I mean what can one say about another chain restaurant?  Great food but I would suggest going to Bandaras instead for the same food.   

Must Eat: Tuna crispy rice

Highs:  Good atmosphere, good food.  One chubby thumb up

Lows:  Presentation of anything coming out of the kitchen.

Swingers Diner


Nothing is more East Coast than a true diner.  As a transplant to LA, I was happy to find a place where I can wake up hungover Sunday morning and find a normal breakfast.  Is it great?  No not really, but its pretty good.  .75 chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Egg sandwich

Highs: It's a diner!

Lows:  It's an ok diner!

Herringbone, Santa Monica


This San Diego export finally made it's way to LA.  Avoid brunch at all costs.  Dinner here is fantastic though- also have great happy hour oyster deals.  One chubby thumb up.

 Must Eat: Local ceviche

Highs:  Fresh fish and great happy hour

Lows:  Good lord do not come here for brunch.  

Huckleberry Cafe


Huckleberry is on every blog's list of best breakfasts in Los Angles.  It's very good but is it worth that title?  Nah- that being said baked goods and egg sandwiches are great, but call me old fashioned but I don't need creme fraiche on my eggs.  One chubby thumb up

 Must Eat: Baked goods and egg sandwich

Highs:  Baked goods

Lows:  It's breakfast, get over yourself

Sonorita's Prime Tacos


There is nothing prime about these tacos.  The best thing on the menu at this Sawtelle outpost is the Red Velvet Churros.  Two chubby thumbs down for this fake Mexican food.

 Must Eat: The churros

Highs:  Red velvet churros

Lows:  Everything else



Perhaps the most hyped restaurant opening in Santa Monica history- Cassia is very good.  Dining room can be loud but there are great seats at the grill in the back and the raw bar.  Creative dishes with explosive flavors come out of this kitchen.  Two chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Chickpea Naan

Highs:  Everything is so uniquely made and delicious 

Lows:  Loud dining room, can be a tough reservation to snag.  Avoid the cold prawns

Plan Check Kitchen + Bar


I don't care what LA Magazine has to say, this is the best 'upscale' burger in all of Los Angeles.  I mean it has ketchup leather.  Curious what that is?  Go eat one of these juicy bad boys and tell me I'm wrong.  Two greasy chubby thumbs way up

 Must Eat: PCB with bacon

Highs:  This burger is amazing, sweet potato fries also a must eat and don't forget the cocktail menu

Lows:  None, don't sleep on the fried chicken sandwich either!



Fresh trendy restaurant right off the beach in Venice- Leona has a solid brunch and an interesting menu overall.  Half a chubby thumb up.

 Must Eat: Omlette

Highs:  Decor and overall ambiance

Lows:  Kimchi latkas

Public Kitchen & Bar


Another LA restaurant that sacrifices food because it is a great place to people watch.  Located at the Hollywood Roosevelt, the food is fair and the ambiance is solid- maybe you'll get to see Channing Tatum.  One chubby thumb up

 Must Eat: Pork chop

Highs:  Great cocktails, cool LA vibe

Lows:  The food is above average but it is missing something.

Umami Burger


Santa Monica is currently being overrun with 'fancy' burger joints, and although you probably have had Umami burger elsewhere, you cannot pass up a truffle burger.  .75 chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: Truffle burger

Highs: Truffle burger, new location is nice and spacious

Lows:  Just give me a burger on a bun come on

Blue Plate Oysterette


Hands down the best lobster roll in all of LA... although with Knuckle and Claw closing there isn't much competition.  But eating a lobster roll while looking at the ocean is amazing.  Two chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Lobster roll and Mac and Cheese

Highs:  Lobster by the ocean

Lows:  Can be a tight squeeze and its not worth eating anything besides the lobster roll

BOA Steakhouse


What is better than a perfectly shaken dry martini and a dry aged steak on a plate?  Nothing.  BOA is one of the better steakhouses in all of LA, but expect to pay steakhouse prices.  Two chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: Dry aged sirloin with red wine sauce

High:  No frills here, just a steak on a plate

Lows:  Can be a bit pretentious at times

Taverna Tony


Continuing my search for authentic Greek food in LA led me to Taverna Tony, perhaps the most grossly overpriced restaurant in all of LA.  In no world should you pay $20+ for a souvlaki.  Two chubby sad Greek thumbs down

 Must Eat: Meatballs

Highs:  I guess its in Malibu

Lows:  No value or authenticity here

Matsuhia Restaurant


Chef Nobu's first LA restaurant is still churning out fantastic quality and tasty sushi.  Off menu crispy rice is a must.  One and a half chubby thumbs up.  The half a thumb down is because this place is in dire need of a face lift.

 Must Eat: Off menu crispy rice pops

Highs:  Quality sushi in a historical restaurant

Lows:  There is still carpet from like 1983



One of the best Italian restaurants in all of Los Angeles.  This beer and wine only, patio seating, casual restaurant is one of my favorites in all of Los Angeles.

 Must Eat: Bolognese

Highs:  Handmade pasta in a casual comfortable setting

Lows:  It is in Silverlake

Obica Mozzarella Bar


Yet another Obcia Mozzerella Bar has opened, this time in Santa Monica.  Just like every other Obica location, you'll get pretty good food at a good price.  Also they deliver.  Half a chubby thumb up.

 Must Eat: Prosciutto and burrata 

Highs:  Good priced decent food and fast delivery

Lows:  You also can find Obica in malls 



This New York transplant is still finding its footing here in LA.  Known for 'exotic' burgers and healthy options, it is not quite as good as its' NYC siblings.  Half a chubby thumb up

 Must Eat:  Onion rings

Highs:  Bison burgers!

Lows:   Not worth the $ when there are better burger options closeby

Chi Spacca


The queen of bread opened this meat-centric restaurant with my least favorite celeb chef Mario Batali- but what we have here is fantastic meat, bread, wine and octopus.  One and a half chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat:  Bread with beef drippings, focaccia di Recco

Highs:  It is a meat lovers paradise

Lows:  Don't forget your cholesterol medicine

Guerilla Taco Truck


With a cult following and a classically trained chef, you should 100% go find the Guerilla Taco Truck on your next lunch break.  Ever changing tacos on what is fresh, it is the only food truck I will eat tuna from.  One and a half chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: Tuna tacos when available

Highs:  Fresh, clean ingredients 

Lows:  It's a truck so you can't have it every day :(

Don Antonio's


Old school Mexican joint in West LA, Don Antonio's is essentially a place to get a ton of margaritas and some fajitas.  Half a chubby thumb up

 Must Eat: Chicken fajitas

Highs:  Cadillac Margarita and outdoor patio and great taco deals

Lows:  I don't like places where they ask if you want to pay more for white meat chicken



Need to take that tinder date to the next level?  Lucques is the place to go.  Romantic patio in the back, great cocktails and great, James Beard award winning food.  

 Must Eat:  Pork chop

Highs:  Romantic patio and amazing pork chop

Lows:  None

The Rose


Where to eat brunch in Veince?  The Rose is the place to be.  On a sunny SoCal Sunday you should find yourself eating some great eggs and salads outside at The Rose

 Must Eat: Crispy brussles sprouts with eggs

Highs:  Great brunch, outdoor seating

Lows:  Service can be lacking

Superba Food & Bread


Another amazing Venice brunch spot- Superba Food & Bread is more than just egg sandwiches.  Fantastic baked goods and a surprisingly, albeit small, wine list.

 Must Eat: Eggs in purgatory

Highs:  Great ambiance and baked goods

Lows:  Service and parking 

E.P & L.P.


Want to impress New York visitors that say there is no cool LA rooftop bar scene or good Asian cuisine?  E.P&L.P has one of the best rooftop bars in LA as well as some damn good Asian food.  One and a half chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat:  Curry cauliflower

Highs:  Rooftop Bar with awesome views and some killer food

Lows:  Can get overrun with LA "actors"



How in the world are there two Mare locations?  Honestly, if you can explain it to me please do because this restaurant needs to stop.  With entrees being haphazardly thrown on plates with no care at all this gets two chubby thumbs down.

 Must Eat:  N/A

Highs:  Zip Zero

Lows:   If I had to pick its remotely healthy

(Note- Melrose and Santa Monica locations have closed but one opened in Siverlake)

Wexler's Deli


Whether you hit Wexler's in Santa Monica or in Grand Central Market, you are in store for some great smoked meats and pastrami.  Coming from a NY-er the bagels are pretty good too.  

 Must Eat: The OG or the LA Bird

Highs:  Smoked fish and great sandwiches

Lows:  A dozen bagels is $20

Rustic Canyon


A wine-o's dream come true.  Extensive list of fantastic wines with fresh Californian cuisine.  Great place for a small group to order shared plates.  One and a half chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: Fresh ricotta and baked bread

Highs:  Very fresh, very creative Californian dishes with a wine list to match

Lows:  Pacing of the dishes could be better, very unassuming exterior and decor could use some work

Trois Mec


Creativity through the roof.  This is the closest restaurant to a Momofuku Ko/Brooklyn Fare you can find in LA.  From start to finish the food is outstanding, inspired and tasty.  Plus they play old school hip hop all night.  

 Must Eat: Everything

Highs:  Everything is awesome

Lows:   Reservation system is a pain in the ass

Joe's Pizza


Drunk and hungry in Santa Monica?  Joe's pizza is one of the few places open to eat that's not McDonald's late night.  Plus it is one of the only pizza spots that I have found here that sell garlic knots.  Half a chubby thumb up.

 Must Eat: Regular slice and garlic knot

Highs:  Open late by LA standards

Lows:   Sober its ok pizza, drunk its pretty damn good



LA, the land of breakfast burritos and this is the best of the bunch.  For me to say a veggie burrito is as good as one with sausage is saying something.  Everything at this casual Venice breakfast spot is worth eating.  Two chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat:  Veggie breakfast burrito

Highs:  Breakfast burritos are unreal

Lows:   Long lines on the weekend and it can be a bitch to get a table to eat at



A quick chicken and waffle place?  On paper it sounds good, and in real life its pretty good...not great.  But if  you are among the crowds of tourists on the promenade and want to have a deep fried piece of chicken on a waffle bun this is where to go.  Half a chubby thumb up

 Must Eat: Chicken waffle sandwich

Highs:  I mean its chicken and waffles

Lows:   It's on the promenade

True Food Kitchen


All of the True Food Kitchen locations are the same.  Pretty decent 'mall' food that claims to be supremely healthy.  Avoid the pizzas.  One chubby thumb up

 Must Eat:  Turkey burger

Highs:  Healthy options, great for large groups

Lows:  Not terribly inventive cuisine



Best restaurant on Abbot Kinney but they do not alter anything on the menu- FT advice is to take a peek before you head there.  Brunch is also great, one of the better pancakes in LA.

 Must Eat: Buckwheat pancake

Highs:  Patio seating in the back is perfect for a nice breakfast or dinner

Lows:   No changes to any dish, even asking to get the eggs well done is frowned upon

The Bazaar by Jose Andres


The most famous modernist chef in the world is the culinary genius behind one of the most inventive restaurants in Los Angeles.  Every bite from the hollowed out Philly Cheese (Wagyu beef) to the spicy tuna cones- this is an experience.  Two chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat:  "Philly Cheesesteaks"

Highs:  Everything you put in your mouth 

Lows:  None



Best Italian food on the westside of LA, which isn't hard to do with a Michelin winning chef.  Don't even look at the menu, the fantastic wait staff gives fantastic recommendations and it is worth it to trust in them.

 Must Eat: Special pasta, doesn't matter what it is just GET IT

Highs:  Handmade pasta

Lows:   Can have a long wait, and can be a bit on the dimly lit side 

Father's Office


Considered one of LA's best burgers- only go if you like blue cheese.  Juicy, perfectly cooked burgers come out of this tiny kitchen, but it is well worth the wait.  Fries also are fantastic.  One and  a half chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Blue cheese burger, fries

Highs:  Great beer selection

Lows:   Can't do any make your own burgers here, its their way or the highway

Sweetfin Poke


One of the better Poke places in LA- Sweetfin gives you great choices to create that perfect poke bowls.  Macadamia nuts, wasabi peas and tuna.  One chubby thumb up

 Must Eat: Spicy tuna poke bowl

Highs:  Great design, awesome cucumber water, popcorn also underrated

Lows:   Massive lines at lunchtime

NoMad Food Truck


NYC NoMad in a truck?!  Bacon wrapped truffle hot dogs?!  100% go find this truck and eat up.  Chicken burgers are amazing, hot dogs are great and they sometimes have some guest chefs creating some burgers. One and a half chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: Truffle dog, truffle chicken burger

Highs:  Quick food truck service with excellent food

Lows:  Often in DTLA and it can be a pain in the ass to get to



Taking over the old Ox & Son, this meat heavy menu on Montana is good, not great.  Half a chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Pork chop

Highs:   Comfortable dining room, friendly staff

Lows:   Straight up ugly decor

The Courtyard Kitchen


Courtyard dining, decent breakfast plates but there are plenty of other breakfast restaurants within 3 miles to waste your time here.  Half a chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Tale of Green eggs

Highs:  You get to eat outside

Lows:   Not the best burrito and omelettes are very meh

Pizzeria Mozza


Another Nancy Silverton restaurant, this pizza place isn't quite as good as people will lead you to believe.  Don't get wrapped up in the celeb chef hype- there are better pizzas around.  One chubby thumb up

 Must Eat: White pizza

Highs:  Fennel sausage pizzas are always a plus

Lows:   Just doesn't live up to the hype.

Maple Block Meat Co.


Brisket is king at this slow roast BBQ place.  Having had some of the best BBQ around the country, I have to say that Maple Block is tops in LA.  Chicken also is amazing.  One and a half chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: Brisket with your hands

Highs:  Brisket, chicken, BBQ, cole slaw...plus you can sit outside

Lows:  You sit outside in a parking lot  

Dogtown Coffee


This coffee shop that also pushes out great breakfast burritos is a must in Santa Monica.  Not only is the burrito tasty but it is HUGE.  Great coffee also.

One chubby thumb up

 Must Eat: Breakfast burrito

Highs:  Perfectly pressed burrito in a SoCal environment

Lows:   The burrito can and will make you fat



What do you get when one of the most famous chefs from Mexico is behind a crazy hyped restaurant in WeHo?  Pretty good high end Mexican food.  Knock down the prices a bit and you have a home run.  BUT FT is a sucker for outdoor dining.  Half a chubby thumbs up

Highs:  Beautiful outdoor patio and good cocktail menu

 Must Eat: Ceviche of the day

Lows:   They seem to still be getting their footing  

Cora's Coffee Shoppe


Any place that has a burrata omelette is a must try.  Cora's (where you can also get some pasta from Capo) is a great breakfast/lunch spot on Ocean.  One chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Poached eggs on bruschetta

Highs:  Biscotti and burrata omelette, plus outdoor seating

Lows:   Being associated with Capo you run into some pretty expensive eggs

Butcher's Daughter


This 100% vegetarian restaurant is known for their veggie slaughtering.  From the avocado toast to their fresh juices- if you are in need of a good Sunday morning cleansing breakfast make way.  One chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat:  Avocado toast

Highs:  Beautiful restaurant, and you don't leave feeling too fat

Lows:   They don't do bacon

Mainland Poke Shop


The newest Poke place to hit Santa Monica, Mainland Poke is a great competitor to Sweetfin.  I mean, they have kelp noodles here!  One chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Three scoop poke bowl

Highs:   Kelp noodles, great yuzu dressing

Lows:    They need to figure out a way to make it look like its not scoops of tuna ice cream

Lodge Bread Company


Whoever said you can't find good pizza in LA clearly does not know about Lodge Bread.  IMO this blows away Stella Barra, Pizzeria Mozza and whatever else you can throw my way.  Also, every piece of bread that comes out of their ovens is ridiculously good.  Two chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: Literally everything

Highs:  Pizza, pita, hummus

Lows:   Veggie sandwich, seating

G.T.A (Gjelina Take Away)


Don't feel like waiting an hour to eat brunch next door at Gjelina, then GTA is the next best choice.  Solid egg sandwiches, pizzas and avocado toast make this a great quick stop.  One chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat:  Avocado toast

Highs: Location location location!

Lows:   For being a 'quick take away' shop they sure take their sweet ass time 

Jon & Vinnys


Bruschetta from Gjusta bread, handmade pastas and an extensive pizza menu make this one of the go to places in LA for some casual Italian.  Tough to get in, but once you sit you won't want to stop eating.  One and a half chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Spicy fusilli

Highs:  Pizza options, natural wood decor, and plenty of burrata to go around

Lows:   Wait time, reservation troubles 



In the old La Brea Bakery, Republique really has the perfect setting to take you outside of LA.  Awesome food from brunch to dinner, fresh, good and seasoned well.  One and a half chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: Lunchtime burger, crudo

Highs:  Crudo, bread with drippings, LUNCH ONLY burger

Lows:   Can get supremely crowded at the bar, wait staff a bit lacking as well

Connie & Ted's


However misleading their 'est. 1940' tagline is- this newcomer to West Hollywood is a fantastic choice for some fresh seafood.  Lobster rolls, fries, fish and chips- all delicious.  One chubby thumbs up

 Must Eat: All the raw bar, lobster roll fantastic

Highs:  $29 lobster roll, but plenty of meat in this bad boy- great beer seleciton

Lows:  $29 lobster roll

Burgers Never Say Die


This hidden, Sunday's only burger "spot" is worth all the secrecy.  Just a guy grilling up exceptional burgers out of his backyard, you need to request permission to eat one of these delicious burgers.  Two chubby thumbs up.

 Must Eat: As many of these burgers as you can

Highs:  $5 burgers worth $10, plus connect 4 to play while you eat

Lows:   Get there early because once the meat is done they are sold out!