La Brea, MidCity, Silverlake

Papa Cristos


 Oh boy this Fat Greek was happy with the only proper souvlaki in all of Los Angeles.  Besides the true Greek food here, the small market reminds me of Astoria back home.  Plastic tablecloths!  Do yourself a favor and go eat a chicken souvlaki and get an ice cold Alpha.  2 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat: Chicken souvlaki sandwich

Highs:  In your face Greek food not trying to be anything it's not

Lows:  Parking lot can get filled up rather quickly 



 In the old La Brea Bakery, Republique really has the perfect setting to take you outside of LA.  Awesome food from brunch to dinner, fresh, good and seasoned well.  1 1/2 chubby thumbs up. 

Must Eat: Lunchtime burger, crudo

Highs:  Crudo, bread with drippings, LUNCH ONLY burger

Lows:   Can get supremely crowded at the bar, wait staff a bit lacking as well 



 One of the best Italian restaurants in all of Los Angeles.  This beer and wine only, patio seating, casual restaurant is one of my favorites in all of Los Angeles. 

Must Eat: Bolognese

Highs:  Handmade pasta in a casual comfortable setting

Lows:  It is in Silverlake, so if you live on the west side don't expect to make it there on time for that Friday night dinner