Hollywood & Fairfax

Burgers Never Say Die


 This hidden, Sunday's only burger "spot" is worth all the secrecy.  Just a guy grilling up exceptional burgers out of his backyard, you need to request permission to eat one of these delicious burgers.  2 chubby thumbs up. 

Must Eat: As many of these burgers as you can

Highs:  $5 burgers worth $10, plus connect 4 to play while you eat

Lows:   Get there early because once the meat is done they are sold out! 

Chi Spacca


 The queen of bread opened this meat-centric restaurant with my least favorite celeb chef Mario Batali- but what we have here is fantastic meat, bread, wine and octopus. 1 1/2 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat:  Bread with beef drippings, focaccia di Recco

Highs:  It is a meat lovers paradise

Lows:  Don't forget your cholesterol medicine 

Pizzeria Mozza


 Another Nancy Silverton restaurant, this pizza place isn't quite as good as people will lead you to believe.  Don't get wrapped up in the celeb chef hype- there are better pizzas around.  1 chubby thumb up 

Must Eat: White pizza

Highs:  Fennel sausage pizzas are always a plus

Lows:   Just doesn't live up to the hype. 

Public Kitchen and Bar


 Another LA restaurant that sacrifices food because it is a great place to people watch.  Located at the Hollywood Roosevelt, the food is fair and the ambiance is solid- maybe you'll get to see Channing Tatum.  1 chubby thumb up

 Must Eat: Pork chop

Highs:  Great cocktails, cool LA vibe

Lows:  The food is above average but it is missing something. 

Trois Mec


 Creativity through the roof.  This is the closest restaurant to a Momofuku Ko/Brooklyn Fare you can find in LA.  From start to finish the food is outstanding, inspired and tasty.  Plus they play old school hip hop all night.   

Must Eat: Everything

Highs:  Everything is awesome

Lows:   Reservation system is a pain in the ass