Culver City & West LA

Don Antonio's


 Old school Mexican joint in West LA, Don Antonio's is essentially a place to get a ton of margaritas and some fajitas.  1/2 a chubby thumb up 

Must Eat: Chicken fajitas

Highs:  Cadillac Margarita and outdoor patio and great taco deals

Lows:  I don't like places where they ask if you want to pay more for white meat chicken 

Guerilla's Taco Truck


 With a cult following and a classically trained chef, you should 100% go find the Guerilla Taco Truck on your next lunch break.  Ever changing tacos on what is fresh, it is the only food truck I will eat tuna from.  1 1/2 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat: Tuna tacos when available

Highs:  Fresh, clean ingredients 

Lows:  It's a truck so you can't have it every day

Lodge Bread Company


 Whoever said you can't find good pizza in LA clearly does not know about Lodge Bread.  IMO this blows away Stella Barra, Pizzeria Mozza and whatever else you can throw my way.  Also, every piece of bread that comes out of their ovens is ridiculously good.  2 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat: Literally everything

Highs:  Pizza, pita, hummus

Lows:   Veggie sandwich, seating 

Maple Block Meat Company


 Brisket is king at this slow roast BBQ place.  Having had some of the best BBQ around the country, I have to say that Maple Block is tops in LA.  Chicken also is amazing.  1 1/4 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat: Brisket with your hands

Highs:  Brisket, chicken, BBQ, cole you can sit outside

Lows:  You sit outside in a parking lot   

Sonorita's Prime Tacos


 There is nothing prime about these tacos.  The best thing on the menu at this Sawtelle outpost is the Red Velvet Churros.  2 chubby thumbs down for this fake Mexican food. 

Must Eat: The churros

Highs:  Red velvet churros

Lows:  Everything else