beverly hills



Talk about a scene. Maestro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills is a multi floor steakhouse party.  Go on the weekends for some fantastic people watching and outstanding steaks.  1 1/2 chubby thumbs up

Must Eat:  Seafood tower, NY Strip

Highs:  Great vibe and even better steaks

Lows:  Service is suspect unless you are 'LA important'



 Chef Nobu's first LA restaurant is still churning out fantastic quality and tasty sushi.  Off menu crispy rice is a must. 1 1/2 chubby thumbs up.  The half a thumb down is because this place is in dire need of a face lift. 

Must Eat: Off menu crispy rice pops

Highs:  Quality sushi in a historical restaurant

Lows:  There is still carpet from like 1983 



 The culinary king of Los Angeles, Wolfgang Puck has had Spago forever- for a reason.  Everything about Spago is perfect.  From the service to the food to the setting (upscale non-judgmental) it is worth the splurge.  2 chubby thumbs up 

Must Eat: Off menu tuna cones

Highs: Everything.  Request to sit in the courtyard and go for those off menu tuna cones.

Lows: None